Hey friends, hope you had an awesome new year’s celebration. Now lets get back to business. Today I planned to talk about domains. Free or paid? Which one would you choose? I personally prefer a paid domain. Let me reason out why you should never choose a FREE email address to send your emails from.

Sendlane conducted a long-term customer case study, where they compared data from our customers who were using free and paid email providers. Many industry leading experts are actually responsible for setting the filters that end up putting a ton of marketing messages in the spam folder.

Truth be told, those free providers rarely worked.

What’s more..

there’s a new policy going into effect, where soon, they won’t work at all..

You see, most, if not all, free providers do not signature authenticate their emails. What this means is that these free hosts use another email service provider on their behalf.

Keep reading and discover why free providers just don’t work (and why you should immediately start using a paid email host if you aren’t already).

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance) is Coming…

In Summary : Yahoo, AOL, Google, and Microsoft Outlook, which is what most of people worldwide use, are among the email providers who will use these policies. This means that any email that ends in @yahoo, @aol, @gmail, @outlook, @hotmail, @msn, or @live will no longer be delivered if it is in your autoresponder ‘From’ address!

The result: You could end up being red flagged as spam by these free service providers for sending to emails that over 90% of people worldwide use!

Increase email delivery rates and automate your email marketing process with Sendlane. To avoid the spam folder, you need to have a paid email host. If you decide to create a Sendlane account, your emails will be trusted by more email hosts because Sendlane signature authenticates your emails.

An ideal setup for most applications is to set up a paid email address (you can get one for as low as $10 a year) and use an email marketing management and automation tool like Sendlane to help guarantee your messages get delivered.

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