This method I was shown by my IM buddy on Skype last night.

I was blown away and surprised (in a good way) how easy he makes money for a living with just YouTube.
Being so excited and pumped up I JUST HAD to post this here!

What surprised me the most is that he’s making money:
▪ without creating any videos!
▪ without even uploading any videos!
The only thing he uses is his empty personal YouTube account. And nope, this doesn’t involve comment spam or anything illegal.

While we were having a chat, he told me only the basics.
But that’s more than enough for me to figure out all the rest 🙂

Method Overview

The method is super simple:
1. He find high trafficked YouTube videos (I will show you how in just a moment)
2. He message the video owners and ask them if they could add his affiliate link in the description box for a one time, or recurring fee.

That’s it! Simple as that.
Takes around 10 min to implement and if agreed, he start making money almost
INSTANTLY. Total genius!

What’s the fee you ask?
It depends on the niche and how savvy those video owners are.
Usually it cost him around $10 to $20 (one-time payment).

Just imagine a kid having a viral video that knows nothing about internet marketing.
Offering him a free $20 for just throwing a link in the description is like a dream come true
for him.

Some video owners are smarter and could ask a recurring fee. Which is also not bad considering if you made money in the first month and the traffic (views) are still stable.
So, if you are ready to test this stuff, let’s move on to the Step-By-Step process and some LIVE examples to get some ideas running.

Finding a trending (high trafficked) video

There are a few ways of finding these kind of videos.
First is an official YouTube Trends Dashboard website:


Using TrendsDashboard you can spot videos that are currently trending and getting momentum in a real time.

Some of them are by established channels, but there are also many videos from innocent YouTube users that caught some crazy event, uploaded to Youtube and went viral.
These should be your first target to choose.

Another obvious place would be clicking on the “Popular on Youtube” link ( as shown below:


Again, lots of videos to target.
Which videos get the most views?

Below are categories that get the most views and interest:
• Music videos (single tracks, remixes, mixes)
• Trailers (movie trailers)
• Games (FIFA, GTA and etc.)
• Magic tricks
• Viral/event/funny videos (filmed with smartphones by amateurs)
• Pet videos (cute puppies, cats, dogs)

Keep in mind that any of these categories can be monetized.
We will overview monetization strategies in just a moment.

Live examples

After doing some research on this method, I have picked a few examples to get a closer
look on how they have been monetized.

One video that really caught my eye was:


It’s a dubstep music mix with over 2.8 mill views and growing.

Take a look at the description 😉 Clickbank affiliate link!
What I like about this particular example is how smart this guy adopt the angle to the

Since this is a music video, he found a Beat Making Software on Clickbank and boom 🙂
Luckily for us, there are many similar videos (with many different music styles to choose
from) that are waiting for us to add our affiliate link.

PLEASE NOTE: I’ve not tested this personally, so I can’t guarantee any results. But since
he’s using his affiliate link for a while now, that means it is working for him.

Here’s another great example. This time in the “Magic Tricks“ niche.


Magic trick related videos get a nice amount of views too and I know for sure that Clickbank has some great offers in that niche as well.

Another example is again in the music niche.

This is a Katy Perry remix video.

This guy is using a very similar approach as the above dude with the dubstep mix example.
So I guess it’s working after all?


How to monetize generic videos?

Above examples are somehow related to the affiliate offer, but you will often find videos that are very generic (funny/prank/event and etc.)
These videos are untargeted and for a very broad demographic. This is where I’ve seen many marketers use CPA email submit offers (such as Free iPad, Free iPhone).

How it works?

Every time someone click on the link and enter his or her email address, you get paid anywhere from $1.20 to $2.
With a very highly trafficked videos these numbers can add up very quickly.
If you don’t have an account in any CPA network, I recommend joining
They have many email/zip submit offers you can use.

affiliate with peerfly


Contacting the owner and proposing a deal

Let’s find a video.

Visit the „Popular on YouTube“ section by clicking here:
Ok. So, after scrolling down a bit, one video in the “Cars & Vehicles” category already got my attention:

yt car

Let’s see what is inside…

yt car 2

A whopping 6.1 million views! with NO link on the description!

Auto insurance CPA offer would be also a smart idea to test on this one as well.

Let’s message the author:
1. Click on his channel name below the video.
2. Inside the channel hit “About”.
3. And then click on “Send message”.

send msg


I would write something like this:

Hello Fylghfg Gfhffg,

I have found your video:
and would like to offer you to make a quick money out of it.


Very simple: I will send you a link for you to add it in the description box and after you do that. I will instantly send you payment through Paypal.

Please let me know if you are interested.



Nothing fancy.. Attention grabbing Subject and a quick message.

I would wait for him to get back and then negotiate the price depending on how fast he
replied and how excited the owner would sound in his message.

If the owner is excited and replied very fast, that means he’s desperate and probably one
time $10 payment would be more than enough.

Buying Youtube Channels

What you are about to discover is something that is going on under the radar, but no one is talking about very loudly.

One of the reasons is that Youtube don’t allow that kind of practice.
The good news is though that it’s not easy for Youtube to control or catch those who are doing this.

Some of the highest caliber affiliates I know are making crap load of money simply by buying already successful Youtube channels and monetizing with CPA and affiliate offers.

Basically, they go and find channels with videos that get a lot of traffic and are somehow
related to the Clickbank offers. Then they message the Youtube channel owner and offer anywhere from $100 to $200 per channel.

Here’s a blog post from ShoeMoney on buying Youtube Channels to get a better idea of how the whole process works.
Please note: I do not own or claim to own rights to the following blog post.

All the credit goes to ShoeMoney.

In fact, I highly recommend checking out ShoeMoney’s blog.

He’s at the top of the game.
You can visit the blog and read the same blog post here:

So that’s it!

In short, this method is one of the most powerful ways to earn extra income from Youtube (aside from adsense). That’s why I called it the Ninja Method! You can spend approximately 1 hour per day to do this, the return of your investment can lead you to 1 month of freedom. Hope you enjoy this post. If you feel this post gives you tons of golden nuggets and value, please drop by a word or two on the comments below. Thank you for your time!