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Hey guys! Welcome to my internet marketing blog. My name is Nazreen Mohamad Daud. Preferred to be called ‘Naz’ as some address me as ‘Zozi’. Whichever name that rocks the boat my friend. I am the founder of the site SelfBoat.com & Roquepress. Launched in October 2015. I will be sharing from the tip of the hair to the end of the toes about online marketing, in specific- email marketing.

I started this journey in 2012, after my National Service. In Singapore, all the males are required to serve 2 years of their time for the nation. Thank god, my time has passed. At that point of time, I began to wonder what I wanted to do in the real world. I attended several seminars, talks and classes about how to deal with the current first world problem – RECESSION. I ended up signing up for a bachelor degree course from Murdoch University thinking that it will solve my ‘unemployment’ at that time. That took another 2 years of my time, studying.  It was tough for me as I need to juggle work in the day and attending classes in the evening. Along the way, I did my own research on alternative ways to earn a living aside from working 8 to 5 everyday. That was where I landed myself into the Warrior Forum – a hangout place for internet millionaires. Initially I was sceptical because traditional people would relate the internet as ‘scams’. If you still think the same way as I did, then you must be living under the rock like the Flinstones.

So I read a few threads about ways to make money on the internet and my word, there are thousands of ways people are actually earning a living online! I went on reading, I buy courses after courses, only to know that these courses are actually telling me the same thing – TAKE ACTION. It might sound vague to many but it is true. You can go about reading and enhance your knowledge, but if you don’t take action nothing will happen.

“Remember, a real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.” ~ Anthony Robbins

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Trust me, its the matter of how you see these things because at the end of the day results matters. I joined a coaching program by Alex Jeffereys in 2014 before launching my own products. To my surprise, the responses I receive was overwhelming. People started asking me ‘how did you do it?’ because sales start pouring in upon my launch date. I launch my first product – Hashtag Profits. The secret towards doing this is TAKING ACTION. There is no other ingredients to success if you don’t take action. We humans tend to be complacent thinking that we know it all but the actual fact is, we are too lazy to bother what’s in it for us in the future.


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About Me – Nazreen Daud, The Singaporean Internet Marketer

About Me – Nazreen Daud, The Singaporean Internet Marketer


About Me – Nazreen Daud, The Singaporean Internet Marketer


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