Product creation one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online. By creating a quality product that genuinely helps people you’ll quickly build a good reputation, make immediate sales, and get customers for life.



Creating a product doesn’t require complicated or tedious tasks like SEO, building backlinks, using advanced software, etc. You still have to put in the time and effort to properly research and put together a quality product but it’s one of those internet marketing methods that nearly anyone is capable of.

Immediate profits.

As soon as you launch your product you’ll start seeing cash roll into your Paypal account almost immediately. This is very encouraging, especially for newbies who have been struggling to make their first real money online. I remember checking my Paypal stats after launching my first WSO to see $80 in my account within a couple hours of launching. It was a great feeling!

Long term profits.

Profits can continue to roll in for days, weeks. or even months after your initial launch. As a matter of fact, I have several products that are over a year old and still bring in consistent weekly sales, all on auto-pilot. You can also repackage your product and release it as a Clickbank product for truly long-term profits.
Newbie friendly. A total newbie can have instant success with this method. For many newbies it can be the first real money they earn in internet marketing. The money you earn can keep you going until other marketing efforts take off or you can take the profits and get into paid marketing methods if you wish.

Targeted traffic.

Thousands of active internet marketers will see your offer, especially if you release it as a WSO on the Warrior Forum. It doesn’t get any more targeted than this. Internet marketers on the Warrior Forum are proven buyers.

Build a list of buyers.

If you’ve been in the IM game any length of time you’ve no doubt heard the mantra “the money is in the list!” True. But not all lists are created equal. By far the most responsive and lucrative list is one comprised of buyers. I’ll take ONE solid buyer lead over 10 “freebie” seeker leads any day. And one of the BEST and FASTEST ways to build a list of buyers is by selling your own product (more on this later).

Build a positive reputation.

By creating high quality products that bring true value to the IM community, you’ll quickly build a positive reputation. The key word here is “value”. People will associate your name with quality and will eagerly buy any additional products you create or recommend as an affiliate.

Develop crossover skills.

The skills and attributes you develop through product creation will cross over to many, many other areas of IM. Skills and attributes like research, copy writing, networking/joint ventures, customer service, list building, confidence, etc. will prove invaluable as you progress in your IM career. Product creation is an outstanding way to “earn while you learn”.

Create your own products that are highly profitable today! Check out for more information here.