24 Hour Traffic Plan


I know you want to get traffic fast, so I will reveal right before your eyes in the first training each one of the steps I take to get a new website or any website traffic within 24 hours. Watch as I demonstrate this all for you so you can easily duplicate this step over and over.

Inside this video you will discover how to start getting traffic your site in the next 24 hours. Traffic is the life blood of your online business. Without it you are dead in the water. You are about to discover how to get buyer keywords so you can drive traffic to your site, how to harness the power of social bookmarking to bring even more traffic to your site and how to use web 2.0 properties to get more traffic and yes, more sales.

Extreme SEO

Learn how to do SEO like a seasoned professional with this in depth SEO training module.

SEO is one of the best marketing strategies online because once you know how to do it you can get free traffic to your website. Inside this video you will learn how to do SEO like a pro in no time at all. This video will run you through all the keyword tactics you need to follow to really make a splash in the SEO pond and get tons of free visitors to your site.

Ultimate Article Marketing

You will discover some ultimate new strategies for leveraging the power of article marketing for more traffic sales and leads. This training is over 1 hour going over the article marketing process.

Inside this video you will discover how to write articles to get more traffic online. Articles are important because they can drive very highly targeted traffic to your website and they also present you as an expert in your niche online. Articles also provide very valuable backlinks to your site that will improve your rankings online.

Press Release

Discover the ins and outs of using press releases to get massive traffic for your business, and learn how this method can send you traffic in less than 24 hours.

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This video will focus on how to use press releases to drive traffic to your site as well as looking at ways to optimise your WordPress blog. Press releases are a very powerful method of getting traffic to your website because they carry a lot of authority and Google loves them. When a press release is done right it can be driving traffic to your website for a very long time.

Social Bookmarking And Web 2.0 Properties

Discover how to leverage social bookmarking and Web 2.0 properties for a serious influx of traffic.

Inside this video we will cover how to get traffic to your site using social bookmarking and we will look more closely at web 2.0 properties. Some of the top sites online today are social bookmarking sites so they are a crucial part of the process of getting traffic to your website. We will also look at the key areas in web 2.0 properties that can get you even more traffic.

Video Marketing

Learn why video marketing can seriously increase the amount of targeted traffic you get to your online business.

Inside this video we will cover online marketing video strategies so you can get more traffic with video marketing. You can get a ton of traffic with video and your video can also go viral and get you massive exposure. Videos get great rankings so this is a very powerful method of getting traffic that cannot be ignored.

Online Software Marketing

This strategy will blow your mind and open your eyes to new, creative ways to generate traffic and increase your search engine rankings.

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Here we reveal another powerful method for getting traffic to your site that very few people know about. Inside this video you will discover how to create and market your own software that you can submit to directories. Once you have submitted the software you can then reap the reward of all the traffic that will come your way afterwards. You will also get valuable backlinks from your submissions for higher search engine rankings.

More Web 2.0 Properties

In this special module you will discover more Web 2.0 properties that you can leverage for more traffic and higher search engine rankings.

Inside this video you will discover the most powerful way to use web 2.0 properties to get traffic to you site and improve your rankings. Google loves web 2.0 properties and they improve the rankings of your site if you are linked to them. You can also get massive amounts of traffic from web 2.0 sites if you set them up correctly. We will also be showing you how “picture marketing” can get you more traffic and more sales.

Fortune 500 Link Building Strategies

Learn how to do backlinking so you can compete in the search engine rankings with even top Fortune 500 companies with little to no advertising budget at all.

Inside this video you will discover Fortune 500 backlinking strategies that you can use to get any website ranked and to get traffic to it ASAP. Backlinking is important because Google needs to see backlinks to a site in order to rank that site and give it importance in the search engines. If backlinking is done correctly it will also drive a ton of traffic to your site.

Profit From Your New Knowledge

During this powerful course you have learned so much about traffic generation that you could literally take away everything you have learned and offer to do a service for local businesses. You can charge several hundred to a few thousand dollars for this work! We will show you how to turn our knowledge into your very own side business so you can capitalize on a hot trend!

This video will cover everything you need to know about making money in your local business community by being an online marketing expert. Businesses are no longer use the likes of the golden pages as they realise the internet is the way forward for them. Trouble is though there are precious few people out there who know how to do proper SEO, article marketing, press releases etc for business. This is where you come in. You will discover how to get these businesses talking to you and giving you money in return for your expertise and skills in internet marketing.